Development Life Cycle


Shehala IT Limited always prefers easy and clean Business Requirements for any project. Our main goal is to deliver quality and complete task to the clients. Business Requirements are varied project to project, so there is an opportunity to discuss with our Project Manager before step out.


At Shehala IT Limited, we build hand crafted solution that merge smart & eye-catching design, leading edge technology to full fill your unique business goals. Our amazing team of geniuses makes it all happen like magic.


Shehala IT Limited is dedicated to ensure quality development while providing a high level of service and efficiency. The real code is written here. We also ensure easy and simplified development process.


Testing is very important part of design & development because we all do make mistakes. After completion of all projects at Shehala IT, our dedicated team of Quality Assurance works to ensure Functional Testing (unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing) and Non-Functional Testing (Performance Testing, Security Testing, Usability Testing and Compatibility Testing).


Upon approval from the beta stage the new website and software is then released with no interruption to the current site. The release process can be simple and quick, or can be more involved depending on requirements.


At Shehala IT Limited, we can take care of website & software maintenance for you, so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your project engaged and optimized. We provide web & software maintenance services that you want exactly.